Monday, 24 February 2014

REVIEW: This Regret By Victoria Ashley

Phoenix has been stumbling through life since her brother Adric's tragic death but after eight years, she is finally piecing what remains together. She has a nice apartment, a steady job and not to mention a fresh new 'relationship' with her childhood friend, Kade Haze. He's the sexy boy next door she never even dreamed of falling for, but can’t seem to stop the pull she feels toward him.

Just when life began to make sense again and a feeling of normalcy was on the horizon, Phoenix's carefully constructed walls come crashing down. 

When walking into the tattoo shop one day, the last thing she’s expecting to see is Kellan Haze, Adric’s best friend no one has seen or heard from since the day they found her brother’s body. He’s nothing as she remembers him as a child, with his wild messy hair, tattoos that cover most of his undeniably sexy body and eyes so intense it makes her legs quiver with one look. The one thing even she can’t deny is the instant rush she feels just by being in his presence.

But how can you choose between love and lust when one of these hold a dark secret, one that can crush your world to pieces and leave you gasping for air. Who can you trust when your mind is pulling you in two different directions and your heart has to choose for you?

The Haze brothers are sexy, daring and possibly . . . dangerous.

This Regret is a story of love, lust, betrayal and danger with an ending that no one saw coming.

I would like to thank Victoria for sending me an ARC for an honest review.

Victoria starts off with a bang with the prologue that makes you want more and once you start you can not stop. There is love, action, betrayal, heartbreak, all these feelings running in you and you don't know how to feel.

Phoenix is gorgeous, strong, loving, she tries so hard to be strong for her family since what happened 8 years ago when she lost the 2 most important people in her life. You get bits and pieces of what happened but she and Kade her best friend have tried to move on. She keeps it all inside herself, her family are just as dysfunctional and are not there for her, Zoe her younger sister has problems of her own but she is to young to know the truth or remember what happened and Phoenix just wants to protect her and help her with her issues. You feel what Phoenix feels, her heartbreak, sadness, happy times, sexy times, and her love for her friends and family she would do absolutely anything for them, makes you realize you can do and get through anything.

Kellan has being gone for 8 years nobody knew if he was alive or dead he disappeared the day everyone's life changed no one knew the real story thinking he was a coward for leaving Phoenix and his brother Kade but he did it to protect them, and when you find out the real story OMG  you fall in love with Kellan all over again. He is strong, manly, insanely hot, make your panties wet you wonder why your wearing them. He is full of pain thinking he doesn't deserve happiness he has so much anger, and sadness inside of him you just want to take it all away from him.

Then one day Kade you is close to Phoenix now and is a man whoring guy who wants Phoenix he convinces her to go this new tattoo shop just out of town and she agrees. Only Phoenix goes in because Kade gets called away and says he will be back she looks at the tattoo artist and he seems familiar but she isn't sure then Kade walks in and BOOM!!! One not so happy reunion goes down. 

You see the story unfold between them and also the secondary characters that are in the story have there own little ones but it doesn't take away from the book it all goes together and I hope that some of them have there own books at one stage. Now lets get to the sexy times between Phoenix and Kellan, she has always loved him since they were kids even though he is older then her. He only seen her as a little sister someone to protect and love and he did fiercely, now that she in a woman he can't help himself, he tries not to but it doesn't work and the sex they have have OMG I had to change my panties a couple of times it was god damn HOT!!! There is nothing gentle about Kellan unless he wants to be and that isn't much Its rough and primal and I so want a Kellan. 

It all comes out in the end the real story of why Kellan left what he did and didn't do and even what other people did that he had no idea it all comes down to an action packed ending leaving you holding your breath, hand on your heart hoping everyone makes it out.

Victoria is good at making you feel things sympathizing with the characters, wanting to murder some of them, praying they have there happy endings my new favorite song is Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus it makes a perfect ending. I recommend this to everyone you loves books with a little action a whole lotta sexy time and all round awesome book congratulations Victoria.

5 Awesome Stars

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