Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BLOG TOUR: Crying Wolf by Amanda Kay 4/2

TITLE: Crying Wolf
AUTHOR: Amanda Kay
RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2014


War is reality...
Love is hard to come by...
The two worlds should never collide.

Hunter Jackson as been a major force in the werewolf army since he turned eighteen. When he hit twenty-one is father the commanding officer of the entire force 

gave him complete control over his own unit. Their mission is simple take down the shape shifters. 

There is one problem with this...
Her name is Amelia.

Two months before his team raids the home of the Shape Shifter heads he meets Amelia Brecken. She is like no one else he has ever known, she also is the daughter of Sir Reid and Mistress Lilyann leaders of the Shape Shifters. 

War becomes his reality and love takes a backseat. A collision course is paved and only Hunter can prevent the accident. Danger is real. Her protection key, even if he has to break her heart to keep her safe.



            When his hand trailed down to her breast, she felt her body tense up. His hand didn’t stop, though it did slow. His touch was gentle and it was sending her too much dirtier places than she wanted to go with him, at least right now.
          She arched her body so her breast was pushed further into his large hand. His fingers began a slow pinch on her nipple and she couldn’t help her moan into his mouth. “Mmm.”
          She could feel his erection as his body shifted and pressed her back against the couch harder. She slid her hands down his back, stopping at the waistline of his jeans. Her fingers trailed across his skin lightly, and she felt and heard his groan. Her tongue continued to twirl with his. The hand on her breast moved downward. She was quite certain she was going to explode. Their kiss continued and his hand teased where her skin met the top of her jeans. His thumb circled the button, but then stopped. She wanted him to continue.
          He pulled back from their kiss and dropped his forehead to hers, catching his breath. “Damn Angel Baby,” he panted out.
          “You didn’t have to stop Hunter,” she whispered. In fact, she wished he hadn’t stopped.
          “I did, because you don’t deserve first date sex. You deserve for it to be special. You deserve to know exactly how I feel about you when that moment comes.” His words were beautiful, but she also knew how turned on he was. His erection still pressed against her body.
          “You have needs Hunter Jackson,” she giggled out. Needs she wanted to satisfy. When they first started kissing, that idea was so far off, but now…
          “Yes, well I’ve been suffering long before that kiss; I’ll survive a little longer.” She laughed at that and he moved so he was no longer pressed against her.
          “Let’s make dinner,” he stated. She nodded because she was indeed hungry. His hands reached for her and she wasted no time locking her hands with his.
          He pulled her from the couch and into the kitchen. Watching him pull out food for them to cook, she knew she was a goner. Hunter Jackson would be all she would ever want. She just hoped she could have him forever and that seemed unlikely. However, Hunter had accomplished what  he wanted. More than one date? Hell yes that was very possible.

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