Sunday, 30 March 2014

COVER REVEAL: Fire and Ashes by Anne Maxtom

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Official Cover
Fire and Ashes by Anne Maxtom
Book One to Ashes Series

Pain, heartache and secrets, walls that had once Norah’s shelter had become her prison. She preferred her life alone. It was safer that way.  The  walls kept the “wolves” away. Finn was one of those “wolves” and letting him past the walls was not an option.

Finn preferred his women like he wanted his life, uncomplicated and fun. Norah was clearly complicated and the fun factor was questionable.  Norah had more bricks in her walls than even he possessed.  He wanted to tear off her panties but he had to tear down her walls first. He intended to set the wreckage on fire.  

When the match is lit, fear and secrets the kindling and passion the fuel; the fire burns hot and fast.  The problem with fire...someone always gets burned.

Cover Design
Clarise Tan of CT CoverCreations


I am an Indiana native. I first began my love affair with books at the age of five.  It was at that age,my older sister taught me to read. The Complete Collection of Mother Goose was the first book I read.  Developing the love of writing around the age of eleven, I was inspired by authors like Judy Blume, Madeleine L’Engle,VC Andrews and Maya Angelou to begin creating my own stories.  Often writing by the aide of a flashlight or the full moon, I carried my stories with me wherever I went.  Battered binders and spiral notebooks were my prized possessions growing up along with a collection of pens and legal pads,notebooks, well you get the picture.  

I put off her dream of writing a book for twenty-eight years but always feeling there was a story inside me just waiting on me to tell and share with the world.  A human interest story on author Jasinda Wilder, a favorite of mine, was the catalyst I needed to pursue what had always been my dream...writing a novel!  

I love my dog, Duke and three cats, Jasper, Gizzy and Tucker.  Long drives, reading and cooking keep me sane.  I have a very wicked sense of humor, a sarcastic tongue I use skillfully, and a positive attitude most of the time.  I am my own worst critic.  I love chocolate martinis, dark chocolate, pens and music!  

I welcome the chance to meet new friends, authors and future fans.

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