Friday, 14 March 2014

COVER REVEAL: Underworld Champions 2- Blood War by Ella Stone

After the conflict that devastated the Outlaw Rider compound, Cole and his men have sworn revenge on the Demon Brothers – and it won’t be over until the Demon’s club is no more.

Most importantly, Cole needs to hunt down his half-brother, Cutter. He can’t rest knowing that the man who defiled his woman is still out there. Family or not, after what he did to Maddie, Cutter needs to die – painfully.

Cole’s hatred of the Demon Brothers is so much greater than everyone else’s. You see, they took his mother and turned his blood against him. As far as he’s concerned, blood ties or none, they all need to die.

But are they all as evil as he thinks?

As Cole’s hatred consumes him, Maddie’s belly grows, along with her concern for him. His vendetta is taking over his life and she’s afraid that once he’s fulfilled his vow, there will be a mere shell of the man she loves, left behind.

Will the love the Cole and Maddie share be enough to save Cole from the darkness he’s entrenched himself in, or will this BLOOD WAR be the thing that ruins them all?

“You’re home,” I whisper, my arms sliding up Cole’s warm body as he leans over and kisses me awake.
“I fuckin’ needed you, baby,” he murmurs, as his mouth moves along my jaw and down my neck. He pulls me forward so I’m sitting and pulls my nightgown over my head, rubbing his hands over my full breasts. “You’re the only light in my life right now baby. The only light,” he whispers, as he slides my underwear down and positions himself between my legs. “Oh god, you’re fuckin’ drippin’ for me.” 
He pushes himself inside me, stretching my walls with his size.
Gasping as he fills me, I roll my head back, eyes closed as I feel him slide in and out. “I’ve missed you,” I whisper, just as he slams himself inside me forcefully, almost painfully.
My eyes fly open.
“Have you missed this?”
Suddenly, everything has changed. It’s not Cole anymore, it’s Cutter and he’s holding a blade to my throat.
I gasp in fear, my heart leaping in my chest as tears spring from my eyes.
“I should have killed you when I had the chance,” he spits out, leaning so close that I can smell his foul breath as it flows out, hot, over my face.
With a swift motion, he drags the blade across my throat, slicing open my flesh. Shrieking, I grab at my neck, trying to stem the flow of blood…

My eyes fly open as I wake in a panic, still clawing at my neck and shrieking.
“Maddie! Maddie!” my mother calls out, as she wrestles with me so I don’t hurt myself or her with my thrashing.
Opening my eyes, reality takes a moment seep in.
“You were having another nightmare,” she says quietly, smoothing down the hair on my head. “I could hear you from my room.”
Sitting up, I accept the glass of water she offers me and gently slide my hand over my throat – just to be sure everything is ok.
“They feel so real when I have them,” I whisper. “I just wish he’d come home.”
My mother takes me in her arms. “I know sweetheart. I know.”
When I’ve calmed down, my mother leaves me so I can get some more sleep, but I don’t see myself being able to do that. Not after that.
Sighing, I roll over in bed and slide my hand over the empty side where Cole should be. Ever since he took over as MC President, he is gone for increasingly longer periods. Whenever he leaves, he insists that I stay at the compound instead of at home.
I miss him. I understand he has a job to do, and I want him to find Cutter and kill him but I’m due soon. This baby isn’t going to wait until her daddy finds his man and comes home.

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