Tuesday, 11 March 2014

REVIEW: Our Souls To Keep by Gary A Caruso

4 Stars

After Seventeen year old Wake Reynolds agrees to trade his life to prevent the damaged soul of his suicidal mother from the fiery tortures of Hell, Satan strips him of his humanity and forces him to become a demonic collector of souls. With no memory of his human existence, Wake preys on defenseless teenagers until they willingly end their own lives.

After many years of loyal service, something inside Wake is changing. Images of a forgotten life, lost human emotions begin to emerge. As Wake struggles to keep these new sensations hidden, Satan orders him to corrupt the soul of a pregnant girl, Annemarie. Beautiful, gentle Annemarie. From the moment Wake sees her, she brings lightness to his blackened heart. If he chooses to defy Satan and spare the lives of Annemarie and her unborn child, his mother's soul will writhe in hell's deepest pit for eternity. Annemarie or his mother? It's a choice no one should have to make.

I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a pleasant surprise from the synopsis you can tell the book has a dark subject matter death, suicides, demons, angels, the whole kit and caboodle. Right from the very start the book demands your attention and once you meet the characters the story flows without slowing down and has twists and turns, action, love, and of course death.

I loved the whole Heaven and Hell story angels and demons, a war coming and it all centers around this girl Annemarie and her unborn child. Wake is a soul collector he preys on the weak minded and convinces them to kill themselves so there souls go to Hell. Then one day Satan offers Wake an assignment to corrupt Annemarie so her suicide tarnishes her babies soul and hell gets the prize not God.

We meet Annemarie and you learn a bit about her story there is nothing special about it or the way she grew up she doesn't know her baby is the most sought after prize but who will get it God or Satan? Through out the story Gary doesnt shy away from the awful truth people die innocent people and not so innocent, he doesn't hold back and it makes you feel sorry for Wake for having to do it and also the people of the souls he collects and that's what makes an awesome book and writer. 

I also loved the development of Wake and Annemarie and how they came closer even with everything going on around them there trials to get to a church that will keep Annemarie and her baby safe and what Wake will do to keep them safe and can't help but dream of a better life for them all.

The ending wasn't what I expected it leaves it open for an option for book 2 which Gary is writing but I was also happy with how he left it you felt closure if you want a HEA though you wont get it, but I loved it and can not wait for book 2.

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