Sunday, 16 March 2014

REVIEW: White Walls by H.M.C.

Psychiatrist Jade Thatcher thinks that returning to her small, Australian hometown to start again, will be a healing experience-until her new job proves to be just the opposite. Her patients are linked in ways that she can't explain, and the hospital has seen too many doctors come and go. It's not long before she is lured by a well guarded secret; one that sends her to a dark and dangerous place, with little hope of returning.

First I would like to thank H.M.C. for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book more like loved this book, I have read a few psychological thrillers but this one was different I think it helped that she has a degree in psychology.

Jade moves back to her small town of Fairholmes after personal problems and she takes up a job at the local psychiatric hospital where she meets her patients and things aren't what they seem but Jade thinks they are paranoid, delusional and suffering from the illness with which they are in there for. 

Right from the get go you get sucked into the mystery surrounding the patients and the story behind them and the hospital. H.M.C. writes the characters with such love and precision, that you can't but love them as well, and it all gels together. 

Twist after twist keeps you turning the page to see where it takes you and who is behind what and how it all comes together in the end, I loved the characters they have a voice of there own and H.M.C. executes it perfectly. 

Congratulations on a wonderful debut you have a fan here who will read anything you write thank you for the opportunity to read this book.

5 Suspense Filled Stars

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